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Where to start...

I have a dog called Rocky. I rescued him two years ago when he was eight years old. He's a funny looking thing - a Pug Jack Russel cross. What he lacks in leg length and teeth he makes up for in charm. I invite you here to this space to follow our journey, and hopefully add some joy, insight and smiles to your day. It's been a struggle lately, hasn't it?

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To write when there are no words

It's taken a long time to work up the courage to sit down and write this. And now as I sit on a train I suddenly feel compelled to. I...

Sorry for the silence!

I've really been trying to improve my mindset since Rocky's decline. It’s true that the grief doesn’t go away, you just learn to manage...

This is going to hurt

Well, this is easily the most painful feeling I can remember. When I started this blog I had no idea I would write something like this so...

A small intro to my small dog

We adopted Rocky two years ago. Not because we believe we're Saints saving the world's problems one rescue dog at a time but because we...

Buckle up. Incoming rant...

I need to see a change now. Before I completely lose what shred of faith I have in humanity and move to the woods with a pack of wild...

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